Prolog and Natural-Language Analysis
D E

Prolog and Natural-Language Analysis
Fernando C. N. Pereira and Stuart M. Shieber

Microtome Publishing
Brookline, Massachusetts


This digital edition of Pereira and Shieber’s Prolog and NaturalLanguage Analysis is distributed at no charge by Microtome Publishing under a license described in the front matter and at the web site. A hardbound edition (ISBN 0-9719997-0-4), printed on acidfree paper with library binding and including all appendices and two indices (and without these inline interruptions), is available from and other booksellers.

Over the last few years, we have led a series of tutorials and classes introducing the programming language Prolog by way of example programs that apply it to the problem of natural-language analysis and processing. This volume began as the notes for a tutorial taught by one of the authors, Pereira, at the Twenty-Third Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics in Chicago during July of 1985. During the fall of 1986, we organized a course at Stanford University on the same subject for which the original notes were extended. The impetus for organizing and expanding these various lecture notes into a more coherent text came from our colleagues at the Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI), and the project was made possible by a gift from the System Development Foundation.

Along the way, we were aided by a number of our colleagues. Ray Perrault was kind enough to allow us to pursue work on this project even when our other responsibilities at SRI International were now and then overlooked. David Israel was instrumental in procuring the occasional grant under which the book was written and without which it would not have been; we must also thank other members of the CSLI administration—in particular, Jon Barwise, John Perry, and Brian Smith—for their support and facilitation of this project.

The text was improved considerably by the efforts of several colleagues who volunteered to read drafts of the book. John Bear, Mary Dalrymple, Robert Keller, Peter Ludlow, Richard O’Keefe, Ray Perrault, and Ivan Sag all provided invaluable comments, corrections and improvements. We attempted to use as much of their advice as time permitted. We only wish that we had enough time to accomodate more of the changes that we now realize are needed.

Editorial assistance from Dikran Karagueuzian of CSLI and Valerie Maslak of SRI was also invaluable. Their efforts are especially appreciated given the stiff time constraints under which they were forced to work. The project was further expedited by the efforts of Emma Pease, Lynn Ruggles and Nancy Etchemendy, who aided us in the formatting of the book, especially the figures and index.

Many drafts of the manuscript and the final camera-ready copy were typeset with the help of Leslie Lamport’s LatEX document preparation system and Donald Knuth’s TEX typesetting system on which it is based. We thank them for creating and making freely available those fine tools.

Finally, we want to thank Ana Pereira and Linda Sarnoff who bore the brunt of our idiosyncratic behavior during the genesis of these notes. This book is dedicated to them.


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