Prolog and Natural-Language Analysis
D E

Prolog and Natural-Language Analysis
Fernando C. N. Pereira and Stuart M. Shieber

Microtome Publishing
Brookline, Massachusetts

Preface to Millennial Reissue

This reissue of Prolog and Natural-Language Analysis varies only slightly from the original edition. The figures have been reworked. Thanks to Peter Arvidson for the setting of the new figures. A number of primarily typographical errata from the first edition have been fixed in this reissue. Thanks to Cecile Balkanski, Mark Johnson, Karen Lochbaum, John O’Neil, Ted Nesson, and Wheeler Ruml for pointing out errors in the previous edition. Errors or misfeatures of a more substantial sort were not treated in the present revision. Any remaining problems in the text are the authors’.


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Mi ŝatas traduki librojn pri matematiko kaj komputilaj teknologio. Mi esperas ke miaj tradukadoj estus utila kaj agrabla por vi.
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